Friday, December 07, 2007

In Kucinich's defense...Sean Penn....

From Raw Story:

Penn endorses Kucinich, challenges 'conventional wisdom' on electability
Jason Rhyne
Published: Friday December 7, 2007

Actor Sean Penn endorsed dark horse Democratic presidential contender Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) in what was billed as a "major political address" given by the actor Friday in San Francisco.

Lambasting Democrats in Congress for their refusal to pursue the impeachment of President Bush, Vice President Cheney and other members of the current administration, Penn praised Kucinich for his "moral courage," according to an advance copy of the speech provided to RAW STORY.

"[O]ur cowardly Democratically dominated House and Senate can barely find one voice willing to propose so much as an impeachment. That one voice of a true American," said the actor. "That one voice of Congressman Dennis Kucinich."

Penn went on to say that the former Cleveland mayor's record and vision outweighed "conventional wisdom" about Kucinich's long-shot chances of winning the presidency.

"I'm torn between the conventional wisdom of what we all keep being told is electability and the idealism that perhaps alone can live up to the challenges of our generation," said Penn. "Of the Democrats running for President, only Congressman Dennis Kucinich's candidacy is backed by a voting record of moral courage and a history of service to our country that has fully earned our support and our gratitude."

Added Penn, "So, here's the question. We got Iowa coming up, we got New Hampshire right on its ass. Do we sell it for electability? If Hitler were the only candidate, would voting for him be most American?"

Electability, he said, was in the eye of the beholder. "It is for us to determine what is electable. And here's how simple it is: If we, those of us who truly believe in the Constitution of the United States of America, all of us, vote for Dennis Kucinich, he will be elected. Could we call him electable then?"

Earlier, Penn excoriated the Bush administration for treason, adding that although he wasn't a proponent of the death penalty, "existing law provides that the likes of Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld and Rice, if found guilty, could have hoods thrown over their heads, their hands bound, facing a 12-man rifle corps executing death by firing squad."

The actor also had some harsh words for Kucinich's frontrunning rival for the Democratic nomination, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY). "Let's remind our friends in the social circles of New York and the highbrow winner-friendly and monied major cities that support Mrs. Clinton, that this is not Bill Clinton," he said, going on to praise the former president. But he warned that the same "personal agendas" that led to what he characterizes as poor policy decisions from the president could rub off on the former first lady.

"Don't underestimate the damage her poisonous ambition can do to this country," he said of Sen. Clinton. "We can't wait for the benefit of hindsight to service the benefit of Mrs. Clinton's career." Penn took another shot at Clinton while speaking about the recent Democratic debate in Las Vegas. "I found the debate infuriating, nearly an argument for fascism with few exceptions, key among them Dennis Kucinich," he said. "Of course as a strategic politician, Mrs. Clinton pulled out her set of Ginzu knives and dominated once again on 'centrist' political strategy."

Concluded Penn, "So, let's give the Constitution another read, shall we? And then decide who its greatest defender would be. I suggest that Republicans, Independents, and Democrats alike will find that they know what's really right in their hearts and minds."


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