Saturday, December 29, 2007

Frustrated with

One of the main instructions to writers: NEVER ASSUME KNOWLEDGE ON THE PART OF THE READER. So what has Blogger done? Assumed knowledge. They need a terminology dictionary for those like me who have never worked in the tech field.

From the moment Blogger put into use the "new" blogger, some things have gone to hell on my blog:

If, in a post, I put a URL for readers to click on to go to that site, readers did just that...The URL was underlined in blue, and readers simply clicked and went. No more. No underline. No blue. Just type as you see right now. I've looked everywhere in so-called "Help" with zip success.

Furthermore, the font changed to what you see now. It used to look like the font up top where it says: Title: Not now.

So okay...I can live with the change in font. One good thing. In posting an article, I used to have to insert paragraph breaks myself. No longer. This new version takes care of that by itself. This I like.

But dammit, I want my hotlinks back!!! And what in the hell is an "enclosure link" as seen above? Tried it. No success.

Does ANYBODY have an idea how I can retrieve them? In plain language, please.


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