Monday, February 27, 2006

No Doublespeaking allowed! Sen Kerry 1st up....

From Raw Story:

Blog radio: Kerry staffers launch online radio show
John Byrne
Published: February 26, 2006

A pair of 25-year-old twin brothers are set to formally launch a new online progressive talk radio program Monday, RAW STORY has learned.

The program, titled "Doublespeak," will feature interviews of prominent Democratic politicans, candidates and party insiders. Their first show -- already online -- features interviews with Sen. John Kerry (D-MA), State Rep. Roger Wendt (D-IA) and David Yepsen, a columnist for the Des Moines Register.

Peter and Matt Slutsky, 25, both served as staffers in Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign. Both helped the Massachusetts Democrat woo voters and raise funds in the Iowa caucuses and in various other states.

The irreverent duo are excited about their new project, which they bill as an accessible extension of the blogosphere in online radio. They say it will allow everyday readers to ask hard questions of political juggernauts.

"Doublespeak is a new medium," Peter Slutsky said Sunday. "It's online radio. It's accessible to everyone. We're getting listeners, viewers, people who access the site access to high-powered people around the country, and we're doing it in a format that's never been done before."

Already in the can, Slutsky tells RAW STORY, are interviews with Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and Nick Lampson, the Democratic challenger to former House Majority leader Tom DeLay (R-TX).

The Slutsky brothers promise fresh content every one to two weeks.

"We're not afraid to ask the hard questions and get the easy answers," Peter says.
Peter admits his predilection for progressive politics, but promises a fair look at candidates and elected officials.

"This show is focused on Democrats and people whose ideology we agree with, but on the same token, my brother and I have a background in political organizing," Peter says. "It's not like cable news where you pick and choose... We're going to be interacting with our audience and having them think about, what do you want to hear, what do you want answered."

Listeners will be able to pose questions for upcoming shows on the comments section of the site.
How did they get the name Doublespeak?

"Double entendre," Peter says. "Politicians love to doublespeak. We know doublespeak and we won't allow it."

He adds, "We're using the successes of the blogosphere, and podcasting, and political talk radio, and we're taking it to the next level. Our tagline is 'at the intersection of blogs, talk radio, and grassroots politics, you'll find Doublespeak.'"

The first show is available online at


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