Thursday, February 16, 2006

Books, Books, Books...

From Publishers Lunch Weekly:


Michael Curtis Ford's FALL OF ROME, the confrontation between Rome'slast emperor, Augustulus, and Rome's barbarian conqueror, Odoacer, toPeter Wolverton at Thomas Dunne Books, in a two-book deal, by AlanNevins at The Firm (NA)


Kate Morton's THE SHIFTING FOG and THE AUTHORESS, "Gosford Park" meets"Rebecca" about a young housemaid who witnesses a scandalous suicide (orwas it murder?) at a glittering party after the first World War, to HopeDellon at St. Martin's, in a pre-empt, by Julia Lee at Allen & Unwin(NA)


Tom Gabbay's THE CROSSING and another prequel to the just publishedBERLIN CONSPIRACY, to Henry Ferris at Morrow, by BillContardi at Brandt & Hochman (NA)


Rights to Maggie Gee's MY CLEANER, to Circe in Spain and Estampa inPortugal, by Pontas Literary & Film Agency, on behalf of Saqi


Susan Travers with Wendy Holden's TOMORROW TO BE BRAVE, to RenegadeProductions, in a major deal, by Alan Nevins at The Firm.
David Morrell's CREEPERS, to Justin Berfield and Jason Felts ofJ2Pictures, by Richard Green at CAA, on behalf of Jane Dystel at Dystel& Goderich Literary

Victoria Zackheim's THE OTHER WOMAN, an anthology of essays by writersincluding Jane Smiley, Erica Jong, Dani Shapiro, Susan Cheever, andConnie May Fowler, writing about "the other woman" -- either being heror having her wreak havoc on a marriage or a relationship, to KarenKosztolnyik at Warner, at auction, by Jill Marsal atSandra Dijkstra Literary Agency (NA).


David Verklin and Bernice Kanner's BEYOND DEMAND: WHO REALLY DECIDESWHAT YOU SEE AND HEAR AND WHY YOU'LL NEVER GOOGLE, TEXT MESSAGE, ORWATCH TV THE SAME WAY AGAIN, from a CEO of one of the world's largestmedia buying firms, to Richard Narramore at Wiley, by Richard Curtis atRichard Curtis


Author of Imperial Hubris and ex-CIA counterterrorism analyst who headedthe Osama bin Laden unit Michael Scheuer's FROM PANDORA'S BOX: Americaand Militant Islam after Iraq, an examination of how the war in Iraq hasexacerbated the larger conflict with militant Islam, made America lesssecure, and left us increasingly vulnerable to attack, to DominickAnfuso at Free Press, for publication in February 2008, by StuartKrichevsky at the Stuart Krichevsky Agency (world)

LAT staffer Anne-Marie O'Connor's THE LADY IN GOLD, about a Gustav Klimtpainting taken by the Nazis and the lawyer who spent years working onits return to the family that owned it, to Knopf, by Steve Wasserman atKneerim & Williams.


Camille Cline's untitled, a writer's essential guide to revision thatreveals the 128 secrets that will help transform a rough draft into apolished and publishable novel, to Jane Friedman at Writer's DigestBooks, in a nice deal (world).


Twenty-year veteran of the Port Authority Police Department and nightcommander of the WTC Rescue and Recovery Operation William Keegan withBart Davis's CLOSURE: The Untold Story of the Ground Zero RecoveryMission, about the nine months Keegan and his men spent grappling withshattered concrete, twisted steel, body parts, grief, and politicalpressure, to Amanda Patten at Touchstone Fireside, byRobert Gottlieb and Paul Fedorko at Trident Media Group (NA).

Reprint rights to Flory Van Beek's FLORY: Survival in the Valley ofDeath, her holocaust-era memoir recently licensed by Mel Gibson fordevelopment as a mini-series, to Gideon Weil at Harper San Francisco,at auction, by Eileen Cope at Trident Media Group (NA).Rights have been sold in Japan and Brazil, with more deals


Marie D. Jones's PSIENCE: World Of Quantum Physics And New Science MayExplain The Existence How The Latest Discoveries In The Of ParanormalPhenomenon, how the latest discoveries in the world of quantum physicsand New Science may explain the existence of paranormal phenomenon suchas UFOs, ghosts, poltergeists, energy vortexes, and psychic abilities,to Michael Pye at New Page, in a nice deal, by Lisa Hagan at ParaviewLiterary Agency (world).


Journalist Kathryn Schulz's THE MADE-UP MIND: The Meaning of Error in anAge of Conviction, an analysis of what it means to be wrong and why wetacitly assume (or loudly insist) that we are right about almosteverything, drawing on examples ranging from failed love affairs toflubbed political decisions, to Daniel Halpern at Ecco, by KimWitherspoon at Inkwell Management (NA)


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