Thursday, February 09, 2006

BushCo: Shut up about torture, you traitors...

From AP via :

House Committee Squashes Torture Queries
By William C. Mann
The Associated Press
Wednesday 08 February 2006

Washington - Republicans easily defeated three resolutions seeking information about the Bush administration's policies on torture after a heated committee hearing.

Rep. Henry Hyde, R-Ill., chairman of the House International Relations Committee, said Democrats who submitted the resolutions should "at least silently confess to themselves that their actions pose real dangers to our country."

Hyde accused Democrats of playing politics, with an eye on November's congressional elections, by offering the three resolutions demanding:

Information on a practice that has been called extraordinary rendition, or sending suspects abroad to countries where they would allegedly be tortured for information.

Documents about US policies regarding UN anti-torture conventions.

Documents and records involving Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's December trip to

Europe, during which she was dogged by reports of alleged secret European jails.

All three proposed resolutions were defeated on almost straight party-line votes.

The committee's senior Democrat, Rep. Tom Lantos of California, denied Hyde's accusations of partisan motivation.


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