Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Sticking Place...

Here is a book that absolutely should not be missed if ever you've wondered what a San Diego policeman's day asks of him.

Even as I write, there's a squad car parked across the street from our house where a neighbor's home was burglarized this morning. Seems the home was entered thru the opened bathroom window. The thieves took jewelry...both old and new, opened the front door and left.

Amazing. This is a quiet neighborhood but lately been a lot of car and home burglaries occuring. Only thing I can figure out is that someone new has moved nearby.

T.B. Smith wrote "The Sticking Place." The man knows what he's talkin' about. He was a San Diego policeman for 27 years. Ended his career as a Lieutenant.

More, this is the fastest reading book I've ever met. Here's the opening sentence:

"Phillip McGrath was on his way to kill somebody." And sure enough, he did.

3rd page begins Chapter 2: Twenty-three-year-old Police trainee Luke Jones was one person who would deal with the mess.

What mess?: McGrath spread his legs, propped the rifle between them, swallowed the barrel and pulled the trigger. With no regard for who would deal with the mess.

Tim Smith's book is no mess. He's a hell of a fine writer. Do not miss reading "The Sticking Place."


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