Thursday, April 28, 2011

Having My Say...

April 28, 2011...

Would I ever live anywhere else? Never. Right now, the sky is solid blue and San Diego is absolutely blanketed with masses of flowers. Can't go a single block in any direction without seeing flowers of every kind and color.

Been doing what I normally do and that's reading the news...Have BBC for a home page. Good one, too. Had the NY Times until they started charging. Nope. Too many other good choices. If I didn't already subscribe to the LA Times, that paper would be my home page.

But I do. And subscribe to the San Diego Union-Tribune too...a pitiful excuse for a newspaper if there ever was one.

I go out to breakfast every morning and I want those papers in hand to read while I'm there. Been doing that for years. Breakfast without the papers is unthinkable.

Much writing and speculating on Obama's birth certificate lately. Between Trump and that unbelievable Orly Taitz...GAWD! Talk about ignorant!!! Laurence O'Donnell got so fed up with her that he had her thrown off his show. I approve.

I, along with a lot of others, want our military out of Iraq, out of Afghanistan. NOW. Why the hell we're still there, I will never know. Originally, until George W Bush screwed everything up, our guys had Osama bin Laden trapped and were within an hour or so of capturing him...and capturing him was the ONLY reason we ever sat foot in that place. 10 years later, we're still there. Obama says he's starting to bring the guys home in July.

But look at the people he's just nominated to serve in DC. I can only say that I'm hoping they're not gonna behave as that ass, Donald Rumsfeld, did. We won't even discuss that s.o.b., Cheney.

I don't write many posts, but just wanted to have my say at the moment.


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