Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Future Books On The Way....

From Publishers Lunch Weekly:


Catherine Hall's DAYS OF GRACE, about an intense war-time friendship, a suppressed passion, a jealous crime and a corrosive secret kept for decades, to Molly Stern at Viking Penguin, with Kendra Harpster editing, in a very nice deal, by David Marshall at Marshall Rights on behalf of Portobello Books (NA).


Scott Turow's INNOCENT, a sequel to the bestseller Presumed Innocent, as Rusty Sabich and Tommy Molto are, once again, pitted against each other in a riveting psychological match after the mysterious death of Rusty's wife, to Deb Futter at Grand Central, for publication in May 2010, by Gail Hochman at Brandt & Hochman (NA).


Andrew Winer's THE MARRIAGE ARTIST, weaving together the present-day story of a New York art critic investigating the apparent double-suicide of his wife with the artist whose career the critic made, and the story a child prodigy in Nazi-controlled Vienna who creates dazzlingly illuminated Jewish marriage contracts, to Webster Younce at Holt, for publication in 2010, by Jennifer Rudolph Walsh at William Morris Agency (NA).

Nadifa Mohamed's BLACK MAMBA BOY, about a young Somali boy's thousand-mile journey through East Africa in the midst of World War II, based on family stories, to Courtney Hodell at Farrar, Straus, for publication in Spring 2010, by Ben Mason at Conville & Walsh (US).

Gods of Aberdeen author Micah Nathan's MEMPHIS IS BURNING, about a recent college grad who takes a job as a driver for a mysterious old man who may or may not be a still-living Elvis, and the perilous 900 mile trip they make from Buffalo to Memphis to find the elder's granddaughter, which is also the protagonist's journey to self-discovery, to Brett Valley at Three Rivers Press, by Jud Laghi at LJK Literary Management (NA).
Film/TV: Sarah Self at The Gersh Agency


Formerly of The Wall Street Journal and Fortune, Erik Calonius's VISION, a contrarian look at how a few business leaders fearlessly set goals for the very long term, executing plans over ten or twenty years resulting in legendary achievements, including the latest neuroscience on visionary thinking, with tips on developing your own vision, to David Moldawer at Portfolio, by Danielle Svetcov and James Levine at Levine Greenberg Literary Agency (world).

Author of The Rise of the Creative Class Richard Florida's RESET: How the Economic Crisis Will Forever Change Our Economy, Society, and the Way We Live, to Hollis Heimbouch at Harper Business, in a pre-empt, and Anne Collins at Random House Canada, in a pre-empt; by James Levine at Levine Greenberg Literary Agency.

Rights to Caroline Rothmuller at Campus/ Elsevier in Brazil, by International Editors, on behalf of Levine Greenberg.

Former NYT writer and author of WHEN THE WAR WAS OVER, Elizabeth Becker's untitled work examining the thriving seven trillion dollar travel and tourism industry, how it too often wreaks havoc around the globe, and how some are fixing the problem, to Alice Mayhew at Simon & Schuster, by David Halpern at The Robbins Office (NA).

History/Politics/Current Affairs
International Herald Tribune columnist and frequent NYT contributor Anand Giridharadas's INDIA CALLING, a portrait of the paradoxes of India's economic and cultural transformation, told not only as a journalist but also as a young Indian-American seeking to reconcile the India his parents left behind with the globalized and liberalized country it has become, to Paul Golob at Times Books, in a pre-empt, by Steve Wasserman at Kneerim & Williams (world).

Bill Press's TOXIC TALK, an analysis of the causes, effects, and possible antidotes to far right domination of US air waves, to Tom Dunne at Thomas Dunne Books, by Ronald Goldfarb at Goldfarb & Associates (World).


Author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Seth Graham-Smith's ABRAHAM LINCOLN: Vampire Hunter, a re-imagined biography of the president, if he were a vampire hunter, to Benjamin Greenberg at Grand Central, by Claudia Ballard at William Morris Agency.


Death-row attorney and expert on death penalty law at the University of Houston David Dow's THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF AN EXECUTION, an "emotional and memoiristic account" of his work representing death-row inmantes, focused on a case in which he became convinced of his client's innocence, to Jonathan Karp at Twelve, at auction, for publication in February 2010, by Simon Lipskar at Writers House (US).

Former secretary-general and Nobel Prize winner Kofi Annan's memoirs, called "a personal biography of global statecraft, as much memoir as a guide to world order, past, present, and future," drawing on a detailed record of his interaction with major world figures and covering both the highs and lows of his initiatives and tenure, providing a guide for global leadership in the 21st century, to Ann Godoff at Penguin Press, by Andrew Wylie of The Wylie Agency (world English).


Glenn Plaskin's KATIE: Up & Down the Hall, The True Story of How One Dog Turned Four Neighbors into a Family, based upon his Family Circle article "Granny Down the Hall," about his close relationship to an octogenarian neighbor, and the Cocker Spaniel that witnesses how three generations of strangers and a dog create their own little family amidst the pressures, haste and intensity of big-city life, to Harry Helm at Center Street, for publication in September 2010, by Jan Miller of Dupree/Miller (NA).

Eric Siblin's THE CELLO SUITES: In Search of Bach's Masterpiece, part biography, part music history, and part literary mystery, weaving together three strands of an evolving story involving Johann Sebastian Bach, Pablo Casals and the search for a missing baroque masterpiece, to Joan Bingham at Grove/Atlantic, for publication in December 2009, by Swanna MacNair at Fletcher & Company (US).


THE SOUNDS OF STAR WARS, featuring an audio module and illustrations, presenting the sounds of Luke Skywalker's lightsaber, the Millennium Falcon's hyperspace drive, and Jabba the Hutt's laugh along with stories behind them, produced under license by Lucasfilm, to Chronicle, for publication in fall 2010 release, produced by Becker & Mayer (NA).


Primatologist and journalist Andrew Westoll's THIRTEEN CHIMPANZEES, a remarkable group portrait of chimpanzees and the people who care for them at Fauna Sanctuary in Quebec as they recover from the trauma of years of use as laboratory subjects and learn how to trust humans and, more importantly, how to be chimps again, to Lindsey Smith at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, for publication in Spring 2011, by Swanna McNair at Fletcher & Company, on behalf of Martha Magor at Anne McDermid Associates (US).

Pop!Tech conference curator and futurist Andrew Zolli and Ann Marie Healy's RESILIENCE: The Science of Why Things Bounce Back, introducing the concepts and players in the new field of resilience science, taking readers from groundbreaking ecological expeditions inside the Caribbean coral reefs to research in fields as wide ranging as neuroscience, robotics, primatology and diplomacy, and examining the latest insights from resilience science "hot houses" like the Max Planck Institute in Germany and the Resilience Alliance in Sweden, offering readers a tool kit of practical lessons that will enable businesses, institutions and ecosystems to better "bounce back" in the midst of shock and change, to Will Murphy at Random House, at auction, by Zoe Pagnamenta at the Zoe Pagnamenta Agency (NA).

German rights to Gerhard Riemann at Random House Verlag, in a pre-empt, by Petra Eggers at Eggers & Landwehr, on behalf of Pagnamenta.



Marie Tuttle said...

Swanna MacNair of Fletcher and Company is a wonderful agent. She also represents novelist, Jeri Estes' debut work, STILETTOS AND STEEL. This original novel is based on the author's true life experiences as a middle class girl who runs away in 1965 and survives as a hard drag pimp in the red light Tenderloin district of San Francisco. Looking forward to mainstream publication of this groundbreaking novel and to the film adaptation of this fascinating story!

Watch 'n Wait said...

Ms Tuttle...Thanks for bringing what sounds like a fascinating read to our attention.