Sunday, April 05, 2009

From posts to Cheney...

Man, I have been remiss in getting posts up here. That's what happens when time skids past. I've just visited the Indy Weblogs at and was shocked to see just 4 posts on the 7PM 2 bloggers. Weekends are usually slower than weekdays, but this is beyond the pale when posts usually number around 60 or so in the majority of 4 hour sections. Old posts disappear every 4 hours and new ones come up. Might see 4 posts total at 3AM, but usually there are more than 4 even at that hour.

75 degrees here in San Diego today. Nothing but blue in those skies. Perfect beach weather.

Three of us drove downtown to the Gaslamp Qtr on 5th Ave late yesterday afternoon. Had dinner at Chianti's, a super good Italian restaurant. And they have tiramasu to kill for! Wonder how that fabulous dessert came to be.

About now 16,500 conventioneers are either already up and running or ready to be tomorrow morn at the Convention Center. Yeah, the big one down on Harbor Drive. In a few days, another one of the same size is due in. The restaurants in the Gaslamp love it, as do the nearby hotels.

The topic of the day, of course, is Prez Obama's trip to the G-20 gathering in London, followed by he and Michelle's visits to various other nations on the other side of the pond. They've received great receptions from the citizens wherever they went. I believe people not only like Obama very much but are also so relieved he's not a Bush or Cheney clone they can hardly stand it.

Which leads me to wonder what W's reception will be when he throws out the first ball at the Rangers' opening game. I'll give him this much: He says Obama deserves his silence. He's right. Cheney, of course, can't keep his nasty mouth shut.


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