Monday, March 16, 2009

Suffering with Indy withdrawal pains....

Woe is me. I'm in the midst of terrible withdrawal symptoms. The Indy Weblogs (or the Indy 500s if you prefer)at have disappeared. Don't know what's happened. The San Francisco guy who gets them online...there are about 450 different blogs...has changed his server. Must be all out war up there by this time.

In any case, every 4 hours, 24 hours a day, the old posts go away and a new set appears...the recent posts. The Indys are Dems and post political thoughts, except for a few who are, now that it's spring, talking about their gardens. What a group they are. There are doctors, lawyers, Indian Chiefs, scientists, journalists, DC name it, they post. And they have plenty to say. Except for a few, very very intelligent people.

So they're a pleasure to read and I'm missing them something fierce, since I read thru at least 3 sets of their posts daily.

Thank heavens for newspapers. I finally took the time to set up a folder just for the newspapers on my favorites list. Turned out there were at least 30 or more. And still my favorites list goes on and on with blog after blog. Good thing because I can't get to the Indys. Haven't been able to since yesterday morning, when everything disappeared. Cannot imagine what's happened in San Francisco to cause this, and neither can the guy who originated the whole idea in New Jersey.

So here I am in San Diego. Deprived of the Indys, I went walking down at Seaport Village early this afternoon. Love living next to the Pacific. Looked at the harbor, but no sight of the whale that has detoured into it. Did see the Navy SEALs in a couple of their very fast boats, just whipping along on the Coronado side, obviously heading for their base over there. Quite a mess of guys, they are. As are the Seabees whose base is just across the Strand from the SEAL base. Wonder how many people know that the Seabees train with the Marines? Pass MCRD on Pacific Hwy on the way to Seaport.

Always end the walk at the Seaport Deli. Get coffee, light a smoke, and sit on their back's a wooden building with porches all around...and watch the people running around the little plaza there while the Andean musicians play.

Talk about the passing parade! Every kind of person, some with ice cream from the Baskin Robbins alongside or standing in line at the Fudge Factory or with their kids at the carousel, or just sitting at the round tables on the plaza.

Life is good...but I miss the hell out of the Indys.


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