Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Future books on the way....

From Publishers Lunch Weekly:



Vikas Swarup's SIX SUSPECTS, from the author of Q&A, the novel that "Slumdog Millionaire" is based on, showing that there's a caste system even in murder in this richly-textured whodunit, to Toni Plummer at Thomas Dunne Books, by Helen Edwards at Transworld (US).


NYT bestselling author of THE TSARINA'S DAUGHTER Carolly Erickson's next two historical novels, the first featuring the rivalry between Bessie Blount and Anne Boleyn, again to Charles Spicer at St. Martin's, by Heide Lange at Sanford J. Greenburger Associates (world English).

Co-author with her late aunt Mary Ann Shaffer of NYT bestselling THE GUERNSEY LITERARY AND POTATO PEEL SOCIETY Annie Barrows' novel set in the l930s inspired by her own family history, a love story set against the backdrop of a country under the seige of the Depression, but also a story about an oddball family and the effect they have on an exotic city girl from the east, sent by her father to take a job in the WPA, who rooms with a quirky family down south, to Susan Kamil for Dial Press, in a two-book deal, by Amy Rennert of the Amy Rennert Agency (world).

Michelle Obama's brother (who coaches men's basketball at Oregon State University) Craig Robinson's A GAME OF CHARACTER, part tribute to his family and part inspirational guide, to Bill Shinker at Gotham, with Lauren Marino editing, for publication in 2010, by Scott Waxman at the Waxman Literary Agency (world).

CASSANDRA AND JANE author Jill Pitkeathley's ENCHANTING ELIZA, the story of the Countess Eliza de Fueillide, Jane Austen's cousin whose life was much more intriguing and scandalous than Jane's own; told in the voices of those who knew her best, exploring some of the facts of Eliza's life and embellish upon them to illuminate the progressive and passionate woman who was a great influence on Jane's much-loved writing, to Stephanie Fraser at Harper, in a nice deal, for publication in April 2010 (World).


Pulitzer Prize winner David Maraniss's biography of Barack Obama that, like his biography of Bill Clinton (First In His Class), traces the future President's, parents and grandparents' global journeys -- in Kansas, Hawaii, Kenya, Indonesia and Chicago -- up through Obama's election in November 2008, again to Alice Mayhew at Simon & Schuster, by Rafe Sagalyn at The Sagalyn Agency (NA).


Brain injury survivor whose story led to the creation of the movement Wealth Watchers International, Alice Wood's WEALTH WATCHERS, a simple and powerful way to gain control of your spending, with stories and practical tips for saving money while building the habits that lead to wealth (the program is used in companies including McDonald's, VISA, and Citigroup), to Hilary Redmon and Martha Levin at Free Press, at auction, by Stephen Hanselman at LevelFiveMedia (world)

Newsweek writer and author of The Silicon Boys, The Accidental President, and 2008 Loeb Award winner Mine's Bigger, David Kaplan's THE AGE OF AVARICE, a sweeping look at the modern financial culture, to John Mahaney at Crown Business, by Esther Newberg at ICM.


Political organizer and Demos Fellow Jared Duval's THE GLOBAL CONNECTED GENERATION: Millennials and the Next Era of Social Change, a generational mission statement and work of social commentary that provides a first-person look at how young people are using new organizing and networking models to transform politics and lay a new basis for systemic social change, to Nick Trautwein and George Gibson at Bloomsbury, at auction, for publication in 2010, by Andrew Stuart at The Stuart Agency (NA).

Hoover Institution economist Thomas Sowell's THE HOUSING BOOM AND BUST, a cautionary tale covering the "who, what, why and how" of the crisis that has brought the economy to its knees, to John Sherer at Basic, in a good deal, for publication in June 2009, by Carol Mann at the Carol Mann Agency (World).


Movie producer Robert Evans' THE FAT LADY SANG: The Kid Stays in the Picture II, the decade-long-awaited sequel to "perhaps the best Hollywood memoir of all time," to Michael Viner at Phoenix, for publication in book and audiobook format in winter 2009 (world).

Molly Birnbaum's IN SEARCH OF SMELL, a personal and engaging inquiry into the science and psychology of the sense of smell, which the author - an aspiring chef - lost after being hit by a car and then, to the shock of her doctors and olfaction experts, slowly regained, to Matt Weiland at Ecco, in a pre-empt, by Anna Stein at the Irene Skolnick Agency (World English).


Jon Sweeney's THE POPE WHO QUIT: THE BIZARRE LIFE AND MYSTERIOUS DEATH THAT BROUGHT THE MIDDLE AGES TO AN END, telling the story of Peter the Hermit -- the 85-year-old man who in 1294 was elected Pope Celestine V against his will -- his bizarre five months of ruling western Christendom, his decision to quit the papacy - as no other pope has voluntarily done since - and the strange circumstances and mysterious way in which he died, to Gary Jansen at Doubleday Religion, by Greg Daniel at Daniel Literary Group (World).


British doctor Ben Goldacre's BAD SCIENCE, a diatribe against bad science everywhere, begin ningwith soft targets like detox footbaths and cosmetics ads, moving on to topics like homeopathy and the billion-dollar food supplements industry, and mercilessly tackling the distortion of data by the pharmaceutical industry, reminding people what evidence-based medicine is all about as well as enabling them to uncover the bullshit for themselves, to Mitzi Angel at Faber, by Zoe Pagnamenta at the Zoe Pagnamenta Agency, on behalf of Rosemary Scoular at United Agents (US).



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