Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ross & Bazaar del Mundo...

The San Diego Union-Tribune has an article today that gives the URL to a blog about what's coming down with the former Bazaar del Mundo in Old Town.

Once upon a wonderful time, Diane Powers had the place and everybody loved it. Packed all the time with happy people either wandering thru the shops or dining at Casa de Pico or one of the other restaurants within. Then Delaware North grabbed the whole thing with Sacramento's help and everybody local took one look at what they'd done and never went back. Horrible.

Delaware lost money hand over fist. Locals hated it and were downright angry.

So now a guy from Chula Vista, Ross, has succeeded in taking it over. He's put up the blog...URL above...and wants to know what we all want to see there or are hoping for. The man is a successful restaurant guy and a local, so there's a good chance he'll do good things. Anything is better than what Delaware did.

Go make a comment on that blog if you've ever visited.


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