Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 thoughts....

Happy 2009!!! I began to wonder if it would ever ever get here. And now there are 19 days plus some hours before the Bush/Cheney cabal is kicked out of DC.

Of course their followers are still resident in the Congress until those vermin can be rid of as well. Vermin like Mitch McConnell, et al. No easy job due to their home state supporters...those poor ignorant, self-abusing fools.

Like so many others, I do not envy Obama's becoming our 44th president. He goes into office with the most incredible load on his shoulders. Thank heavens he's as intelligent as he is. We voters finally did something right at the polls.

Just outrageous how long the Coleman/Franken contest has gone and will be going on in Minnesota. Cannot believe the voters there managed to mess up their ballots to the extent they have. You'd think they were totally uneducated.

Which all goes to prove how important a good education is. And how long will it be before the election people get the message that the e-voting machines need to all be instantly trashed and paper ballots be the one and only way to vote? Paper ballots that are designed exactly the same, no matter which state they're used in.

Common sense is in short supply...and is no match for the politicians' hidden agendas.

I've just finished reading George Stephanopoulus' book, "Only Human". It deals with what went on in the first term of Clinton's term as President. I guarantee it will turn your stomach, same as it did mine. I have never encountered the incredible level of egotism as the people in that book possess. So be prepared.

And that was during Clinton's first term. Remember the calls to the writer/investigative journalist in which the people in the BushCo administration asked that they be called on Jan 20th? They had things to tell. I don't doubt it a damned bit...and if the first Clinton term was absolutely disgusting under the surface, I dread to think what a similar book on the BushCo admin will bring to light.

A guy in NYC was quoted yesterday as saying that if the weather was freezing New Year's Eve, he knew he's encounter frozen piles of vomit this morn. Well, the vomit won't be frozen after reading the truth about what went on behind and under the scenes in the BushCo will be piled high and reeking to say the least.

Variety just published a recap of the BushCo admin that one writer friend said was a real eye opener. I've read all 14 pages of it. Found little I didn't already know. It's what I don't know yet...and the rest of the world will find out shortly that will really turn the stomach.

Even as we speak, that rat bastard Bush is down in Crawford at his "ranch". You can bet your bottom dollar that once he leaves the White House, the "ranch" will go up for sale. Hell, he has 90,000 acres in Paraguay. What earthly use would he have for Crawford. That was pure image and nothing more.

But the media loved it. Fell for it. Thought the citizens would too. And they may have until they learned that cowboy Bush is afraid of horses. Some cowboy. Pathetic. Still, as in too many places, image is all.

So what now for Bush and Cheney and the rest of their evil cabal? Think they'll just walk away from what they've done, the crimes they've committed, the purely evil things they've done, the thousands of deaths they've caused?

I guess we'll see.


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