Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Short List of Coming Books....

From Publishers Lunch Weekly:


THE GIRLS author Lori Lansens's HER BODY ELECTRIC, about an obese woman whose husband wins the lottery and disappears on their 25th anniversary, sending her across the country in search of him, again to Judy Clain at Little, Brown, for publication in September 2009, by Denise Bukowski of The Bukowski Agency (US).Canadian rights previously to Knopf.

Sarah Waters's THE LITTLE STRANGER, a ghost story set in 1940s Great Britain, in Hundreds Hall, a centuries-old house of declining health and fortune, to Geoff Kloske at Riverhead, for publication in Spring 2009, by Jean Naggar at the Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency (NA).



Pulitzer-Prize winner and former WSJ Detroit bureau chief Paul Ingrassia's tale of Detroit's fall from glory to the brink of disaster, drawing on sources from the executive suite to the factory floors to recount the inside story of the crash of Detroit's car companies and their potential road to redemption, to Susan Mercandetti at Random House, by Scott Moyers at The Wylie Agency (NA).

Peterson Foundation CEO and former US Comptroller General David Walker's WAKE UP CALL, an action plan for digging America out of its $55 trillion deficit and stabilizing its financial future, to Tim Bartlett at Random House, at auction, for publication in January 2010, by Gail Ross and Howard Yoon of Gail Ross Literary Agency.


Author of THE LOST CITY and THE UNITED STATES OF AMBITION Alan Ehrenhalt's THE ONCE AND FUTURE CITY, looking at the way American cities are changing as they are increasingly perceived as desirable places to live, and positing a future of thriving inner cities and lower-class exurbs that falls somewhere between the class-stratification of 19th century European metropolises and the multi-use urban vision of Jane Jacobs, for publication in 2011, to Andrew Miller at Knopf, at auction, by Chris Parris-Lamb at The Gernert Company (NA).

This American Life contributor Jon Jeter and Washington Post reporter Robert Pierre's book on what Barack Obama means to black America, following African-Americans from of all walks of life as they face the new issues, conversations, crises and triumphs brought on by having a black president, to be published in January 2010 as Obama makes his first State of the Union address, to Eric Nelson at Wiley, in a very nice deal, by David Fugate at LaunchBooks Literary Agency (World).

STEEL DRIVIN' MAN author and historian Scott Nelson's CRASH: AN UNCOMMON HISTORY OF AMERICA'S FINANCIAL PANICS, which looks at how major economic downturns have shaped our nation's political and social history, to Andrew Miller at Knopf, at auction, by Deirdre Mullane of Mullane Literary (world).


Former Hollywood executive, Gesine Bullock-Prado's CONFECTIONS OF A CLOSET MASTER BAKER -- an humorous and edgy memoir (with recipes) of the author's journey from sugar-obsessed child to miserable, awkward Hollywood insider (she ran her sister, Sandra's production company) and how she left it all behind to follow her love of baking and open Gesine's bakery in Montpelier, Vermont, to Stacy Creamer at Broadway, at auction, by Laura Nolan at The Creative Culture.

Lt. Gen. Russel Honore (U.S. Army, retired) with Ron Martz's SURVIVAL: HOW A CULTURE OF PREPAREDNESS CAN SAVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY FROM DISASTERS, offering lessons learned through decades of service, including as commander of Joint Task Force Katrina, on how government, communities and individuals can prepare for and mitigate disasters rather than simply respond to them, to Malaika Adero at Atria, by David Vigliano and Michael Harriot at Vigliano Associates (World).


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