Thursday, December 04, 2008

Having my say...

Gotta say that I am totally torqued with this spineless Congress...especially Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. A more worthless pair would be hard to find.

I would really like to see Russ Feingold as House Majority Speaker. And, yes, John Kerry in Reid's place.

I'm thinking they, at least, would have sense enough to institute some serious regulations on both Wall Street and those blasted greedy corporations. And to cease those damned mergers and acquisitions that lead to "too big to fail."

And yes, dammit, the big 3 auto makers have been grilled enough. Get them the cash they need and do it now. Maybe Congress doesn't give a damn about the companies and the jobs that would disappear as a result of the automakers' failures, but I certainly do.

More, the military-industrial complex needs to be dealt with in the worst kind of way. We need some of those futuristic weapons systems like a hole in the head. Which we may get if some readjustments aren't made in how we fight the insurgent types... to say nothing of terrorists.

The "clean coal" bit is pure bullshit. There's nothing clean about coal, I don't care how you slice it.
Same goes for oil.

Might could be that Congress's wages need to be cut to $1.00 a year until they get their act together.

Further, the states must fix the voting systems damned quick. They have two years before the next national elections and those electronic voting machines should be immediately dismantled and sold for scrap. That's all they're good for. Paper ballots and nothing but paper ballots.

Cannot imagine why election officials allow them to be so screwed up that voters are unable to vote properly. And voters need to be educated about how to mark them. What's going on in Minnesota in their recount right now is a perfect example of why that's necessary.

Finally, newspapers. We truly do need newspapers. But not newspapers merged with a whole bunch of other newspapers. Independently owned newspapers. The LA Times, for instance, has gone rapidly downhill since Zell bought it. The more one owner owns multiple papers, the less informed the public is going to be. Don't kid yourself about that. And the less informed we are, the more we'll be royally screwed.


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