Friday, November 28, 2008

Revenge or greed...both kill...

Good gawd! Nobody in San Diego should try to get anywhere near Fashion Valley today. I had to drive Fashion Valley Rd to get to Friars Rd after lunch today. Now consider that it's a short drive to Friars Rd using that route. And shouldn't take so long to pass the three entrances to Fashion Valley shopping mall that are on Friars Rd. 45 minutes! Jam packed. People coming from the opposite direction made left turns in the mall, and the entrance was so full that at least three or four cars had to wait...which left them completely blocking Friars Rd traffic at every one of the 3 lights. So don't go there.

And in a Toys R Us store in Palm Desert, two young guys started firing guns. Turned out to be a murder-suicide...and just scared the hell out of everybody inside the store. Add that to the Wall Mart disaster on Long Island, NY where the waiting 5AM!!!...tore the door down which smashed the poor young Wal Mart employee to death, trampled a pregnant woman who then had a miscarriage. Just inexcusable. And I'm not about to try and analyze that kind of crowd behavior other than to say it was totally wrong. The whole damned mess of them should go straight to jail for their selfishness and lack of consideration for others. Toxic people. The whole mess of them.

But a good thing today too. Had lunch with a writer friend. Acapulco Restaurant, where I breakfast during the week, didn't open today until 11AM. So the chef took pity on me and fixed my usual eggs and toast, bless his heart. This is a dinner chef, mind you, and he is definitely not a breakfast cook. He can't scramble eggs to save his soul. Oh, he thinks he's scrambling them, but the real breakfast cook sends them out ever so fluffy, cheese melted on top. The poor chef does his best every Friday, but they come out looking like tiny pieces of popcorn with the cheese just sprinkled on top..and not much of it either. Not melted. He is forgiven because he cooked mine when breakfast wasn't being served.

And then there's the situation in Mombai. I'm comparing them with those Wal Mart shoppers...and what would the difference be if the shoppers had had guns? Just how far would they have gone, I wonder, to get to those sales items? Revenge or greed. Both lead to seriously bad behavior. Joy to the world, indeed.


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