Saturday, October 27, 2007

Some rain in San Diego!!!

So I'm sitting on a covered restaurant patio in San Diego having breakfast and reading the papers this morning. Totally oblivious to all else. Got up to leave and stepped out into RAIN!

Driving home, saw that showers had happened or were currently happening all over the place.

Am hoping they move right over into the fire areas and put a stop to any little hot spots still out there.

Still clouds overhead. This is good.

Had an email from a writer friend in the SDPD, who'd been working a few days in a row out amongst the fires. Said it was so hot and dry the skin on his hands cracked and some guys got spontaneous nosebleeds...but the McDonald's, after they'd not eaten for the previous 24 hours, sent out a semi-truck full of food for everyone.

More...out in Potrero, where they've been not only burned, but had been fighting off Blackwater's plan for a training facility there...where they hadn't received very much help at all...Blackwater sent supplies to help. Now there's good publicity for Blackwater. Problem is that there was just one short notice buried in the newspaper.

In any case, am hoping it really really rains in the back country and finishes the fires off.


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Granny said...

I was glad to see the reports of decreasing winds as well as the rain.

We had a shower here last night. Could use more. There's no real danger of fire (until you get over near Yosemite, about 80 miles away) but our crops will suffer if it stays too dry.