Thursday, December 23, 2010

Breakin' the Law...

Just disgusted and angry with the Obama admin. They continually break or ignore the laws. And so underhanded. And what the hell are they doing, trading with Iran? They're mighty good at saying one thing and doing another. So is the DOJ doing anything? Hell no.

What's this business with jailing people whenever they want with no trial? Why are those Gitmo prisoners still down there?

What are they doing, paying the Taliban to let trucks cross into Afghanistan? Nice to finance the people we're fighting.

And how much are we giving Pakistan? Something like $900 million a year? So they can protect the Taliban hiding in their territory?

And on and on and on. Scared shitless about what Assange might leak about what? He's's terrorism.

But Obama taught law. Glad I wasn't one of his students. Suppose he taught how to blantantly break the laws? Constitutional? Hell, he doesn't need to be in a classroom. All his students need to do is watch he and his administration in action.

And he gets people like Timmie G in his admin to deal with Wall Street when that s.o.b. was part of that despicable outfit. Really brillant.

Hope he just stays in Hawaii and disappears from our view.

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