Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thinking About Things....

Sunday Afternoon: San Diego, CA...

Right off the top, I could give two hoots in hell about whether Supreme Judge nominee, Kagen, is a lesbian or not. That has absolutely nothing to do with her brainpower, which is considerable. In my opinion, she should be nominated for that position right quick.

The Texas Schoolboard...the whole mess of them...need their heads examined. It's pretty plain that they couldn't care less about the quality of education Texas kids get so long as the boards' ideologic opinions as expressed in those books make their way into the kids' heads and therefore, their beliefs. It's assinine. Problem: What to do about it?

So yes. Russia has sealed off gushing oil wells by bombing them. It works. Don't necessarily have to use a nuke to do it. The bunker-buster bomb ought to be powerful enough to do the job, so let's get on with it.

Now here's a question: Are the drones, currently in use especially near the Pakistan border, a good thing or not? I really don't know. Yes, they save American lives, but no, they kill innocent people...both in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Which brings us to Osama bin Laden, the cause of the Afghanistan War. Nobody knows where the hell he is. And we'll probably never find him. Money is not his problem. He's a part of the Saudi royal family, so he's set for life. Al Queda is a problem, but I'm not too sure about the Taliban...bastards tho they are to women. Far as I'm concerned, let Karzai and his government deal with them. Thing to do is get our guys outta there. We're just treading water as it is. NATO certainly wouldn't object to getting their people out either. We're not doing a bit of good there, so what's the point?

It was good that President Obama invited the Mexican President, Calderon, to visit the White House. Fact of the matter is, Mexico wouldn't be having the drug cartels shooting everybody and their brother along the border if the US legalized drugs and stopped shipping guns down there. As it is, we're after their illegal drugs and they're after money and guns. It's sort of a similar situation we had during alcohol prohibition. The only way that situation was solved was through legalization. Same with drugs now. So we'd have more car accidents, etc. same as with drinking. And they yell about smoking! At least it doesn't alter/drug your brain like drugs or drinking.


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