Sunday, September 13, 2009

Running for Congress....


Just had a phone call from Budd McLeroy. Budd is an Army Master Sgt, Iraq vet, former firefighter, and did it all with one leg. You'd never know because if there's anything he's not, it's disabled. He's also a Republican.

In any case, he's an old friend. He'll be pulling his papers and entering the race for Congress, running against Dem Bob Filner. Both are from the Chula Vista area, just south of the city of San Diego, CA.

I've never known Budd to back down from anything, so if he says he's going to run for Congress, he surely will.

I wished him luck, but as a Democrat, I hope he loses. But narrowly.



David said...

Good luck dad. Love you.

Your son.

William David Mcleroy Jr

Processingwizard said...

I hope he wins! We need a commonsense rep. that will represent the citizens who vote him into office.

I am willing to volunteer time and money to see this happen!