Saturday, May 16, 2009

He's been waterboarded and he says....

From Bill M.:

There's an excellent compilation on Wikipedia under "water-boarding." Don't see that I could add much to the topic except to add that the S.E.R.E. program training used to be taught to us to show us that ALL are breakable. The trick is to know that and be fortified on how to handle the pieces). Somehow the Bush administration twisted that to mean that because some others outside the law might use these techniques it is okay for us to use them when it suits us. Flaying someone alive has been used for the same purpose. To Cheney, I suppose it's okay for us to do that too.

It's amazing how much rhetoric is stirred up regarding water-boarding, torture and whether the U. S. should condon the use of torture for interrogation. The bottom line is, while generations of people since before the crusades recognized water-boarding as torture and almost all countries have signed the Geneva Conventions (the U.S. not among them), that if the United States approves water-boarding's use even under any special circumstances it thereby acknowledges the right of any other country, organization or group to use water-boarding against any U.S. soldier or citizen that it considers, or has even been suspected of being, one who has broken their laws, in "legal" combat or otherwise. What we are saying is that there are no "Rules of War" and anything goes if one thinks it will work. The alternative to "Rules of War" is the loosening of "The Dogs of War". God help us all if that profound lack of distinction is considered permissible. Civilization regressed.


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