Thursday, October 16, 2008

McCain finally makes it to Letterman's show....

From The New York Times:

Updated He made it.

After a high-flying adventure, Senator John McCain finally sat down next to David Letterman on the set of “The Late Show” on Thursday and offered his mea culpa: “I screwed up.”

Anyone following Mr. McCain or watching Mr. Letterman knew exactly what Mr. McCain meant.

Last month, stating that he needed to get to Washington to weigh in on the financial bailout package, Mr. McCain begged off a scheduled appearance on Mr. Letterman’s program. And Mr. Letterman has not let him forget it ever since, hammering away at him night after night in a prolonged show of pique that not-so-coincidentally is likely to drive the ratings through the roof when the program airs tonight.

Mr. McCain walked on the stage of the Ed Sullivan Theatre, the site of “The Late Show,” in New York around 5:20 p.m. Eastern. Mr. Letterman immediately asked: “Can you stay?”

“Yes, sir,” Mr. McCain said, and adjusted himself in the chair. He quickly added: “Depends on how bad it gets.”

Then Mr. McCain jokingly said that he asked his son in the Marine Corps to FedEx his flak jacket in preparation for the visit.

Mr. Letterman got right to it: “So what happened?”

Mr. McCain answered: “I screwed up.”

After the audience applauded, he continued, “Look at all the conversation I gave you. Including having Mr. Olbermann on.”

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