Monday, February 26, 2007

Senator Boxer for airline passengers...

From Senator Barbara Boxer:

Following several incidents at airports where passengers were forced to remain on planes for as long as 11 hours, I recently joined Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME) in introducing the “Airline Passenger Bill of Rights Act of 2007,” legislation to ensure that travelers can no longer be unnecessarily trapped on airplanes for excessive periods of time or deprived of food, water or adequate restrooms.

Last week I introduced a Passengers’ Bill of Rights to protect the safety and well-being of travelers. Occasional delays may be unavoidable, but no one should be held hostage on an airplane for hours without food, safe drinking water or functioning restrooms. This bill ensures passengers the right to deplane after being in a closed aircraft for three hours, and it requires airlines to attend to the basic needs of passengers.

The legislation requires airlines to offer passengers the option of safely leaving a plane they have boarded once that plane has sat on the ground three hours after the plane door has closed unless the pilot determines that doing so would endanger their safety or security. This option would be provided every three hours that the plane continues to sit on the ground. The legislation also requires airlines to provide passengers with necessary services such as food, potable water and adequate restroom facilities while a plane is delayed on the ground.

Everyone who flies regularly has faced delays, but extreme delays should not pose unnecessary risks for passengers. You can count on me to work for the passage of this legislation.


Barbara BoxerUnited States Senator


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