Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Consider a mass murderer....

Author unknown...

Who was Adolf Eichmann?

Eyes: Medium
Hair: Medium
Weight: Medium
Height: Medium
Distinguishing Features: None
Number of Fingers: Ten
Number of Toes: Ten
Intelligence: Medium
Source of Wealth: Payments from victims of German occupation
Source of Career: Emergency Powers granted to Hitler to protect the Reich against terrorism claimed to be responsible for the Reichstag fire
Working Territory: Labor camps and prisons built throughout Europe
Defense at Trial: "Why me? Everybody killed the Jews."
No signs of madness apparent.
No indications of cruelty apparent.
No record of brutality until about 1937 when he was 31; he was arrested when he was 39.

What do we expect to see of a criminal of such magnitude?
Special features?
Special choices?
Fearsome eyes or teeth?
A history that predicts a future?

Eichmann was an ordinary man who capitalized on the largess of geopolitical circumstance in the name of what he thought patriotic. He is known for mass murder because subsequent geopolitical circumstance defined him so. It wasn't the killing that gave him his legacy; it was the circumstance.

Would he be a mass murderer still had the Third Reich lasted 75 years instead of 12?


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