Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Just Observing

Just Observing

Wonder if Blogger is going to now require loging in every time I want to post? Guess I'll find out.

We're almost upon New Year's Eve 2005 now. Man, this year has been a combination of a blur of speed and agonizing slowdowns. Roller Coaster ride doesn't even cut it. More like being sucked into a black hole in space.

Had a pro Astronomer cousin, now dead, who said it was the height of arrogance to think we were the only beings in the universe. Perhaps a set of those beings will get aggravated enough with the situations we get ourselves into that they'll come visit and wipe us all out, now that we're taking war into space.

You think not? Take a look at where the news of such weapons resides. Incredible, what we're doing.

Had an email from the one and only intel guy I trust...and lemme tell you, he's incredible at what he does. We've been talking about the terrorist situation, and some of what he says is:

"My main fear (aside from
terrorists and a WMD) is the future. We are
institutionalising a 'war on terror', and with that
comes a permanent derrogation of civil liberties - as
well as the tempting abuse of the surveillance
capabilities for political ends.

Washington is the city where the only sin is losing.
Amoral people still in college today will inherit a
system where personal communication is transparent.
This is disturbing. This administration has not had time to
fully digest what's going on or what's possible. Not
so for the future politicos. When they get in power,
the Big Brother machine will be in full swing.

I wanted, and still want, a strategy that the
anti-terror warriors won't like. Why do I say that?
I want amateurs fighting this war. Amateurs who don't
want to be career terror experts. Amateurs who want
to get it over with instead of milking it for a

My solution (simple minded perhaps) was to take an
Army General and put him in charge of a
counter-terror task force comprised of members of DoJ,
DoD and a few others. Agencies would give up
hand-picked people for the task force; therefore
they'd be unhappy. The people themselves would be
gratified to serve their country, but would be out of
the loop of their chosen career path. I want everyone
to be pissed off and eager to get this shit over with.

But now we have a Homeland Security Department with
over four hundred SES positions, and a growing FBI.
The bureaucrats are tickled pink. No one will
consciously prolong this war, but I predict no one's
going to win it, either....

We will not win by employing a strategy similar to
that of the drug war. Sometimes decisive action is
necessary. Pity we don't really have it yet. I'm
hoping we won't see the catastrophe that will bring my
idea into reality."

All I have to say about that analyzation is that it makes damned good sense to me. My Dad always told me to "never argue with a real expert." I think twice about doing that. It would be nice if Bush would even listen to one.

I now have to get on google and try to find out more about a fabric designer named Zandra Rhodes, so that's a wrap for tonight.


Logan said...

Man, It feels like yesterday that I was opening last your christmas presents. Time sucks because before you know it you on you death bed.

Logan said...

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